Branches Charity, Walthamstow

For just over year, we have supported Branches, a homelessness Charity based in Walthamstow that provides hostel accommodation for 18-65 year olds and encourages, supports and facilitates positive changes to those in need.

We have donated many items of furniture to the hostel itself, provided and decorated the hostel with Christmas decorations last year and have also helped several of the residents, including veterans, furnish their new homes.

Residents can stay at the hostel for up to 18 months while they wait to move on, however once they are rehomed, the homes themselves are normally never furnished. Some of the residents get the opportunity to apply for a grant to put towards white goods, but they usually have to wait weeks for this to come through.

We’ve donated a variety of items in need from beds, sofas, curtains, blinds, mattress’s and fridges.

Joyce Saunders, CEO at Branches, said: “The generous donations from SiteSales have made a huge difference to the communal space here in the hostel and it’s really brightened the space up. The furniture encourages more people to socialise and eat their meals together, it is lovely. Clients at the hostel have commented on how lovely the furniture is and how it makes the place so much more inviting.”

Branches are just one of the business’ many charitable endeavours and we are looking forward to offering our support for many years to come.


Key Contact

Ross Smith
Ross Smith